So What, Now What?!

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May 23, 2017

So What, Now What?!

Every week, on Monday, I listen to Dr. Kevin Elko's Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration. One of my favorite sayings from Dr. Elko is "SO WHAT, NOW WHAT!?"

The saying struck me like a bolt of lightning. What would you do if you had ALS or cancer? Would you quit? How many people have invested in you throughout your life? Parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and family!

We owe them to fight with everything we have, don't we? I think we do!

There is no cure for ALS, but any day, someone could find a cure. With that hope and the dedication of everyone in my life, I will fight every day!

So what, now what? So What: I have ALS. Now What: WIN!


PS - In preparation for 4th of July I have attached a song from Chloe from the 2011 University of Dayton ROTC (Ultimate Domination) Commissioning Ceremony.


  1. Stacy Schretzman says:

    I love this…Early in our diagnosis, our good friend Troy Lingley shared a post by Dr. Elko…it wasn’t long until the Now What, So WHAT Monday Cup was published. we are faithful listeners…we are not as good at our faith as we should be…therefore, Dr. Elko gives us a good dose of what is real and challenges us each do what we have always done…SERVE! Love my man…love that he is stalwart in his fight…I count on it every day! Thank you for taking the time to be here in this post with us!!

  2. Ro says:

    You are a true warrior my friend. Sending love to you and Stacy.

  3. Todd Helt says:

    Awesome, truly inspiring!
    Would expect nothing less than “All In, All The Time” from you both. God Bless, Flght the Good Fight brother!

  4. MOOSE says:

    The first thing I said when the Dr. told me was, what’s the fight plan? The second thought was of you and all the others fighting the fight, all my inspiration. Then I told the doctor don’t bother telling me ever to give up. He smiled and laid out a plan.
    I got your back 55, Love to all. Moose.

  5. Chuck Schretzman says:

    Mooooooose!!! Fight hard brother! One thing I know for sure is you have my back…I have always known and felt that! …and I HAVE YOURS!!!
    Stace and I love you too!!!!

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